Hiver, Shiver

I just wanted to say that, after some time spent away from this blog, I’m back! I’ve missed writing and I look forward to going on many more record hunts for Girls Who Wax in the new year. I’m still searching for that amp…

Sometimes, it takes only the simplest of actions to jolt your brain into recollecting memories that you had long-since filed to the back of your mind; well-loved scenes that play involuntarily and when you least expect them to. And so it goes that, while stirring cocoa with a wooden spoon, I no longer found myself in the kitchen of my London home; I was in Montréal, stirring cocoa in the pink floral mug that my flatmate and I would bicker over incessantly, all the while wearing two jumpers because of an icy cold draught that was invading our space through the small gap where my window refused to close for a brief while.

Reminiscing on these times, I sat on my kitchen chair sipping cocoa, being lulled by each recurrent motion: sip, dream, sip, sigh, sip. In Montréal, it wasn’t always the warm drinks that soothed me from the winter, but the sounds that I associated with home. In spite of the harsh cold and endless snowfall, I was warmed by evenings spent creating musical soundscapes that would bring me the feeling of home when I needed it most. Like putting butter on a cat’s paws, I readjusted to my new surroundings by playing these soundscapes. Over time, this quirky, small flat on rue St-Hubert became my quirky, small flat on rue St-Hubert, at least for a little while. Of all these artists that I would listen to in search of home comforts, Kevin Ayers remains the one that I return to time and time again. His sonorous voice, a distant lullaby, melted through the layers of hazy guitars and sung me to sleep on many a cold night. What will you dream of tonight, Lady Rachel? 


As I found my feet in my adoptive city, its musical doors opened to me. Montréal quickly became a place full of thrilling adventures, musical discoveries and many, many records. And as I sit here thinking about Montréal, I think about the soundscapes I would create to bring back some of those warm memories. Especially on this bitterly cold evening. I’m looking for an antidote to these winter blues, but all I have is this playlist. Cue ‘Hiver, Shiver’: